Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Teletrack Loans

no teletrack loans

No Teletrack Loans

You are eligible for no teletrack loans if you are an US citizen, at least eighteen years of age and have an income of at least US $ 1000 after taxes. The advantage of no teletrack loans is that there is no teletracking done. This way, the loan is processed fast and the entire procedure is simplified. With a no teletrack payday loan, you can even expect your loan to be approved in a matter of half an hour. The only things you need are a stable job and a checking account where the no teletrack loans can be transferred.

Having a bad credit history is not a problem with no teletrack loans. Most easy cash advance companies attach a lot of importance to credit ratings. This means if you already have a few paycheck loans and have not tried to repay it, then chances are that you will not be granted further loans. But this is not the case with no teletrack loans. Thus, people with not too many options open can opt for these loans very easily. No background checks will be carried out on you. Your loan has a far greater chance of being approved.

No Teletrack Loans Companies

The companies granting no teletrack loans are not bothered how good or bad your credit history is. They grant you the loan if you meet certain basic criteria. Your loan will be promptly approved within a matter of few hours and the cash will be credited to your bank account. You can repay the loan from your next pay cheque. You must repay the loan as soon as you can. You need to know that the annual percentage rate will definitely be on the higher side with a no teletrack loan. The more you delay the payment, the more exorbitantly you have to pay.

You must try and find out about the company from past clients. You need to find out the policies the company follows, the rates they charge, the hidden costs, their credibility and others. You also need to keep all your correspondences carefully. You will surely not want to get into trouble with unscrupulous companies. If in case, you do end up in a mess, seek the help of a good lawyer. This does not in any way mean that all companies are fraud. But as they say prevention is better than cure.

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